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Q: How is Modern Combat Sports different from paintball?

A: MCS players use compressed air powered guns that are magazine-fed, and outwardly replicate the look and feel of military firearms. MCS guns shoot standard paintballs (and with the right magazines, specialized shaped projectiles as well), but unlike paintball guns with their hoppers, MCS guns use spring-powered magazines to feed the paint. The format also allows for battlefield simulation devices, which safely replicate IEDs, mines, and other hazards, as they foster game play that is truly as real as it gets.

The use of magazines instead of hoppers creates ammunition capacity limits that are much more realistic than the two hundred round hoppers found in paintball. The effect on the field is dramatic—Modern Combat Sports operations are much more about accurate, directed fire, teamwork, and strategy, than traditional paintball games…and with the extreme authenticity of the equipment, comes the rest of the MCS package: an extremely authentic experience that draws on real world tactics, utilizes real military softgoods and uniforms, and challenges players to overcome combat zone challenges you won’t find in paintball games.

Q: Can I bring my paintball gun?

A: Bring it, but don’t plan to use it. Traditional paintball guns are generally not allowed in Modern Combat Sports games, as their high ammunition capacity in that hopper is unrealistic, and fundamentally alters your strategy and game play…and that wacky look they have? MCS prefers to focus exclusively on realistic equipment, realistic round count between reloads, authentic gear, and true combat simulation game play. If you don’t own a magazine fed, military-style marker, no worries! Contact the MCS game coordinator ahead of time, and you’ll be able to reserve a loaner package that consists of the gun, magazines, mag holder, and air tank, that you need. Dress accordingly for the mil-sim excitement of MCS, bring your favorite goggles, and that MCS loaner package will make you ready to take the field!

Q: Do I have to use RAP4 guns?

A: Not exclusively. Any military-style, magazine-fed, safely operating paintball gun may be used (subject to the organizer’s discretion and individual facility or event rules). RAP4, the driving force behind Modern Combat Sports and most of the growth of magazine-fed, truly tactical combat gaming, is the leading innovator and manufacturer of the magfed guns used in MCS. There are other brands that produce magfed guns that qualify for Modern Combat Sports, too, so if you already own one of those, and it works to your satisfaction, then you’re all set.

Owners of Tippmann and BT Paintball guns who wish to get into MCS can check out the Tacamo MKV Conversion Kits and related conversion kits, which replace the paintball gun body around your marker’s parts, with one that looks, feels, and handles like authentic military hardware…and accepts RAP4 magazines. This is the best way to take your existing paintball gun and convert it properly for magfed MCS. These conversions are wildly popular at MCS events!

Q: How old do you have to be to play?

A: Each field will establish their minimum age, but in general, players must be 10 years old or older, with waivers signed by their parents if they’re under 18. There is no maximum age…and Modern Combat Sports relies so heavily on strategy that those of advanced age can find command and control roles that fully immerse them in the game while younger players tackle the more physically demanding challenges. In this way, Modern Combat Sports is also reasonably welcoming to those with physical disabilities…and the community you find at MCS games is welcoming of everyone with a passion for authentic combat gaming, no matter age, gender, race, or ability. We’ll find or make a role for you…once you meet the field’s minimum age.

Q: Is this more expensive than regular paintball?

A: Not likely! The events have competitively priced entry, magfed guns are within the normal range for specialized, durable paintball guns, and you can buy more DMAGS than you’ll need for half of what a good hopper costs. The big savings that you’ll see comes from the paint: you’ll shoot much less paint in MCS than paintball, and you’ll probably find that you hit more players per case, too! With the focus of MCS being on tactics, maneuvers, marksmanship, and real life strategy, you’ll likely find your paint consumption going way, way down…which means savings that let you play more often!

Q: Can I use airsoft guns and equipment?

A: Modern Combat Sports has events for airsoft players as well as paintball players, but these two very different types of guns are not generally mixed into the same games. Beyond the guns, there is plenty of tactical gear which can cross seamlessly from one format to another. From the realm of airsoft, you can find game-safe battlefield simulation devices, bargain rate tactical gear, and even uniform components, that will help you lower your cost for getting into Modern Combat Sports…especially if you already play airsoft and have a lot of that gear. MCS sponsors, like RAP4, make the highest quality tactical gear for combat gaming, and often work with suppliers of genuine military gear to provide their customers with high-quality, durable, real combat equipment. This generally costs a bit more than airsoft-specific reproductions, so if you can’t yet afford the real deal, by all means, look at what airsoft offers so you can save the money you need for MCS event fees and to buy your own magfed gun!

Q: Do cops and soldiers use these same guns?

A: Yes! They primarily use magfed RAP4 DMAG and Professional Training Rifle (PTR) guns in force-on-force training. These are the same magfed guns used in Modern Combat Sports, and police and military personnel use them for the exact same reason as MCS players do: they create the most authentic combat experience possible, replicate the controls, feel, look, natural point of aim, and even the manual of arms, of their duty-issue rifles and carbines. That means that their training is as real as it gets, and thus, the most useful for their jobs. Players appreciate this same level of realism, and particularly fortunate players even get to play OpFor (the opposing force) against some departments to provide their personnel with real world combat challenges. The same gear that makes that training possible, makes MCS the most exciting combat game ever!

Q: What makes MCS different from scenario paintball?

A: Beyond the difference in the guns used, MCS takes the milsim and scenario components of those games and brings them to the next level—to a level so authentic that MCS gear, formats, and training, is actually used in police and military training. The effect of using magazine-fed guns is a focus on teamwork, coordination, strategy, individual marksmanship, and tactical maneuvering to overcome adversaries. To this natural evolution of the game, MCS adds battle simulation devices (approved for game use) like those made by RAP4. These include safe-for-game-play compressed air powered mines, IEDs, mortars, grenades…and much more.

To keep the theme as authentic as the gear and the tactics, MCS events offer more than your standard scenarios—small events follow evolving campaigns where outcomes have direct effects on the unfolding game play. Larger events have simultaneous missions that evolve apace the game play, and rely on a player’s mind as well as their body and gear. MCS may be considered the next generation of scenario and mil-sim paintball…but more accurately, it’s a military training concept adapted to competitive use by combat game players around the world.

Q: Do I need any special gear other than the magazine-fed gun?

A: You need paintball goggles and the magazines and air tanks that your magfed gun requires. Players new to Modern Combat Sports should get in touch with the game’s coordinator beforehand to reserve a magfed loaner package, like the Storm packages our MCS Ambassadors bring for players. This way, you’ll have the magfed gun, its magazines, its air tank, and a magazine carrying pouch, waiting for you…so all you need to bring are your goggles and camo clothes. Other tactical gear, like load bearing vests, radios, and tactical flashlights, are also encouraged…so reserve your magfed gun, pack your tactical gear, and get ready for the most intense combat gaming experience available!

Q: What rental gear is available at Modern Combat Sports events?

A: Each of our MCS Ambassadors has at least one Storm Loaner Package, which contains the magfed guns and gear needed for 5 players. (Some Ambassadors have even more packages!) Each Storm Loaner Package contains five magfed guns—generally RAP4 468 guns, ready to accept DMAGs. Each magfed gun comes with five magazines, an air tank, and a magazine carrier for the spares—that’s everything needed, gun-wise, for five players. Just get in touch with the game organizer or the MCS Ambassador putting it together, and reserve your rental in advance so you’re ready on game day.

If you need goggles, fields can rent them to you. Many Modern Combat Sports events also feature vendor or field sales of battle simulation devices, tactical gear, etc, so look into what each event offers for rent or sale!

Q: What is an MCS Ambassador?

A: A person who signs up on our MCS Ambassador Program page, puts down a deposit to receive their RAP4 Storm Loaner Package (with five magfed guns, and gear!), and commits to organizing monthly MCS events at their local field. This person will put on a short demonstration of how the guns work for those new to MCS, and will have a bunch of coupons for discounts on gear purchase for those who wish to buy their own MCS guns and gear. They even receive special, very, very deep discounts from RAP4 in gratitude for their work promoting MCS and helping everyone have a safe, exciting time. If that sounds good…you can sign up today!