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OEW Marker Package

Your paid admission to OEW 7 includes a brand new Tacamo Bolt Marker for you to keep. The Bolt is one of the best markers available boasting easy maintenance, rugged design and reliable function. Whether you are a brand new player or an experienced one, the Bolt delivers! We will also have on hand 2 kits that allow you to turn your Bolt into either a Compact Milsim Rifle or a Pump marker the day of the event!

The Thunderbolt:

The Thunderbolt conversion kit has several components that will not only change your markers looks, but change its ergonomics and function as well. To start, the grip frame has been redesigned to fit in the hand better and have a simpler and more functional safety lever. Next there is an exclusive Flex-air kit that drops the tank from directly behind your marker for better mask clearance. And finally there is an adaptor for a keymod rail made specifically for the Thunderbolt. This package is a fantastic edition to your gun

The Bolt Pump:

For those of you that like the classic feel of a pump but want to be able to participate in magfed only games, there is the Bolt Pump. The pump kit allows you to change the function of your gun from semi to pump but retain the benefits of the bolt. If you prefer, you can add the pump kit to the Thunderbolt and have the best of both worlds