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RAP4 12g Disposable CO2 Cartridge (Green) 10pk

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SKU: 19C12-000899
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Camouflage 12g Disposable CO2 Cylinder

All 12g Disposable CO2 Cylinders are the same right?

No, they are not!!!

Our tanks are Camouflage
These tanks are crucial for survival
The standard shiny silver ones will give your position away.
These camo tanks are perfect for concealment.

12g Disposable CO2 Cylinder in olive drab color to help you stay hidden.

***This Product is and ORM-D Product, It cannot be shipped via an Priority Shipping (1, 2, or 3 Day). This Product can only be sent using the FEDEX, UPS Ground Shipping Method. This product cannot be shipped internationally***

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