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.68 Cal AG1 Non-Lethal Clear Training Paintball - 500ct (Clear)

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AG1 Paintball premium .68 caliber, clear paintballs with a colorless fill specifically designed for military and law enforcement training.

The AG1 Paintballs make law enforcement and military operator technology available to their intended end users, as well as the open market. These are the latest non-lethal, non-staining, low-mess training munitions available today. These .68 caliber, clear training balls are extremely cost effective compared with current training rounds, and leave no mess to clean up when training in rented buildings, on military installations, and with issue clothing that cannot be soiled. They serve as excellent training tools for force-on-force training when you need tactile reinforcement to encourage learning, specifically in places where you can't leave a paint mess behind.

The clear training balls leave wet splats which can easily be wiped off with warm water. This allows law enforcement and military operators to train for marksmanship under duress, while without leaving color stains on their training gear and ranges.

The innovative gelatin formula used in AG1 Paintballs makes them the best on the market, yielding peak performance.

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