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Airsoft Tactical Skull Mask (Tan)

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SKU: 011606
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RAP4 is proud to present you the unique skull masks with the most durable construction and design. These durable and light weight designer's masks are for use in Airsoft. Achieve full face protection with most Full Seal Goggles and other similar size eye goggles. Provides Cheek, nose and mouth lower face protection.  Better air ventilation, Breathe without difficulties.  Better Aiming: Soft and Slim Skull face allows low profile aiming positions. These look really cool when you wear them!  The effect that they give is intimidating and stylish at the same time. Skull masks help to protect your faces from the wind and sand on the battlefield, but also intimidate the enemy.

Available Color: Silver, Black, Tan.

Shooting goggles (sold separately) is required to be worn under this mask to achieve full face protection. Skull masks are Airsoft use exclusive masks with the excellent features of absolutely no fogging used by Airsoft players all around the world.
Design for target shooting practice of Airsoft guns only.
This mask alone is not "full sealed" and cannot be used for games with bio bb, Paintball or on paintball fields. Please obey field "full face mask" rules and regulations.

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