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AR15 M4 M16 Milspec Buffer Tube Air Adapter

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SKU: 04A13
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Introducing our versatile adapter, designed to seamlessly attach AR-10/15 M4 and M16 buffer tubes to your paintball gun. With this adapter, you gain the flexibility to use virtually any AR-10/15 M4 and M16 buttstock available in the market, enhancing your paintball gun's customization options.

Crafted from solid aluminum, this adapter guarantees durability and reliability, ensuring a secure connection between your paintball gun and the chosen buffer tube. Its universal compatibility makes it the perfect choice for any paintball marker, including popular models such as 468, MCS100, T15, TMC, Milsig, Maxtact, RAP4, Tacamo, Valken M17, CQMF, and Milsig M17, M5.

Unlock the potential of your paintball gun with this aluminum adapter, providing a stable platform to accommodate a wide range of AR-10/15 M4 and M16 buttstocks. Experience a new level of customization and comfort on the field as you equip your marker with the stock that best suits your preferences and playing style. Embrace the durability and compatibility of this adapter to elevate your paintballing experience to greater heights.

    Compatible with multiple platforms
    Compatible with all AR-10/15 buffer tubes
Compatible Markers:
- All Markers

Key Features:
- Made of aircraft aluminum
- Air through remote 
- Universal adapter - compatible to all markers with rear air

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