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Camera\Scope Mount Replacement Thumb Nut and Screw Set

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SKU: 04C23-015073
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Replacement Thumb Nut and Screw Set for:

Wireless Camera Mount (Version 1.0), SKU: 004881
Quick Detach Camera Mount (Version 2.0), SKU: 002282
Sidewinder Scope Mount, SKU: 005647
Sidewinder II Scope Mount with Rail, SKU: 008407
Universal Camera Mount,  SKU: 020738

Nut and Screw Dimension:
Screw Length (end to end): 36.6mm, (1.44")
Screw Diameter:  3.23mm (.127")
Length of Thread Section:  10.4mm (.41")
Head Diameter:  6.37mm (.25")
Nut Diameter:  12.66mm (.50")
Nut Width:  10.0mm (.39")

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