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CMI Sizer Set of 4 from .685 to .694, Autococker Threads

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SKU: 08C22-020815
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  • $50.00

Sizer are designed to match the ball size to the barrel. The type of ball, weather and manufacturer’s tolerances can all have an affect on a paintball size. To optimize your barrel performance it makes sense to have the right sizer for the ball used that day.
4 Sizers, they are:

 .685  .688  .691  .694

Compatible Markers:

This barrel will fit Aliens, Autococker, BT TM15, BT TM7, Bushmaster, Cyborgs, Dark Shockers, Dye, Egos, Eteks, Evil Shockers, Excaliburs, Freestyles, Fusions, Gen E-matrix, Hybrid Shocker, Intimidators, Invert Mini, Legends, Minions, NME, Omen, ONYX, Promaster, Proteges, Protos, Python Impulse, Quest, Shocktech Shockers, Thresholds, Tremor Shockers, ULE Mags, Vice, Vikings, and Wrath paintball markers.

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