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CO2 Tanks / Cylinder Refill Station Kit

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SKU: 04A33-19F21-000273
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  • $98.00

This fill station offers a fill and bleed valve and extra long hose. The dual valve allows you to fill with one and dump excess CO2 with the bleed valve. The two valves will save you from turning your tank on and off every time.
Refill kit to refill all types of paintball CO2 tanks.

This kit Includes:
* 24" flexible fill hose.
* Professional Quality CO2 Fill Station
* Durable design manufactured specifically for paintball
* Built in vent knob to bleed line
* Vent port with standard 1/8 NPT threads for operational mufflers or vent

Please note: This item does not come with a bulk tank seal. It may be purchased at the following link:
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