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Cotton Camouflage Tape

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RAP4 Camouflage Tape is made of cotton! The tape is made from the same tough fabric as BDU / STU / ACU camouflage garments, which makes it incredibly strong and useful for protecting your gear!

RAP4 Camouflage Tape is ideal for paintball markers, shotguns, rifles, bows, scopes, binoculars, and other outdoor equipment. It will help you gain tactical advantage through greater concealment, and can also quiet clanking gear, prevent scratches, reduce glare, and protect equipment form dirt and debris. RAP4 Camouflage Tape improves your grip in wet weather, and insulates hands from cold surfaces. Also, it prevents slippage of equipment on rocks, steep terrain, and smooth surfaces.

Key Features:
- Multiple camouflage patterns for concealment specific to your environment
- Conceals, silences, & protects gear
- Reduces glare, increases grip, & provides padding & insulation
- Ideal for paintball markers, weapons, scopes, binoculars, flashlights, knife

  handles & sheaths, magazines, and more!
- 2" wide x 162" (4.5 yards) long

Conceal your gear, protect your equipment, and improve your grip today with RAP4 Camouflage Tape!

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