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Crank It - EZ Emergency Multi-Tool

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SKU: 09B13-002696
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Crank It - EZ Emergency: Flashlight, cell phone charger, radio and alarm all in one!
If you are ever caught in an emergency situation or natural disaster, you will want this to be included in your Emergency Kit. With its ability to create and store energy and 3 Mega Bright LEDs providing over 100,000 hours of light, the power will always be on. This flashlight also has a built in radio with volume control to help you get the necessary news and an alarm to help with rescues. Of course, we have also included cell phone adapters to charge your cell phone when your battery dies.

Using the Crank It - EZ Emergency Flashlight
The EZ Emergency allows you to turn on 1 LED or all 3 LEDs for extra brightness by adjusting the light position button. To charge the EZ Emergency, simply crank the ergonomic handle for 1 minute for over 30 minutes of bright light.

Operating the Radio and Alarm
Turn the radio on by increasing the volume switch to a comfortable listening level. You can search for channels by pushing the scan button. A reset button is also included which resets the radio to the beginning of the radio band. To operate the Alarm, simply push the button to turn on and turn off.



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