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Cryptonic Black Out Safety Bulb

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SKU: 17G9-17E72-014476
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Ever find yourself looking for your flashlight in the dark? The Cryptonic Black-Out Safety Light Bulb is the answer. Always ready, it stays exactly where you need it.

Disaster-proof your home with emergency lighting that is refreshingly portable! The black-out safety bulb is equipped with an internal battery that remains constantly charged when attached to a live socket. When your power goes off, simply turn your Black-Out Safety Bulb on with its remote control. The 20 high-output LEDs will illuminate your home for over 4 hours in its socket or detach it and use it as a flashlight!

Key Features:

- Stays charged at all times
- It stays is the socket; you won't misplace it
- Remote control activated or use the on/off switch
- Bright,  features 20 high-output LEDs
- Over 4 hours of illumination
- Always ready

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