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Hand Crank Light

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The Palm Lite is an ideal tool for every survival emergency kit, camping gear bag, and pantry. With no batteries to worry about, the Palm-Lite is charged by squeezing the charging lever on its side…and can be fully operated with only one hand. It can sit untended for years, then bring immediate light when needed. There is no bulb to worry about, either, as the durable Palm-Lite employs three high-output, long-life LEDs to light your way in any situation. The Palm Lite uses a copper wire coil to store power—instead of batteries—and with just 5 minutes of charging it can provide more than 1 hour of continuous use. Palm Lite – a reliable flashlight with self-renewing power!

Key Features:

- Bright with 3 high-output LEDs
- 5 minutes of squeezing, hand crank, provides over an hour of light
- No batteries to replace
- No bulb to replace
- Always ready – especially when you need it most


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