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Helix Magazine, Black (10 Pack)

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The Helix magazines combine simplicity of design, ruggedness of material, and the authentic look of battle rifle magazines. Good to go for all guns that accept DMags, the Helix magazines are so reliable that they're used by actual SWAT teams and military units in their force-on-force training.

It takes a high performance standard to be their go-to magazine, and it takes a rugged, simple design to stand up to their hard use and abuse in the field. We've perfected the polymer used in these magazines for strength and dimensional stability in an extreme range of environments from the heat of the desert to the cold of the mountains.

We've simplified the design to where you can disassemble the Helix without tools, and completely clean it of sand, dirt, and debris, with ease.

The Helix is outwardly styled to reflect the latest polymer mag designs for battle rifles, and provides a perfectly textured grip for positive handling while wearing gloves, training in the rain, etc. The clear top portion is designed to give you a clear view into the top portion of the mag to ensure the inside is clean and to visually confirm which paint you have loaded.

While this clear portion disappears into your magwell, leaving the exposed parts battle-ready-black, we've received some feedback that players would prefer a more milsim approach to the color of this portion of the magazine so look for subsequent batches to include a smoked finish that balances aesthetics with the ability to positively ID the Helix's contents.

The Helix ships with a spring engineered for standard paintballs we've extensively tested and redesigned it to provide optimum performance for standard spherical paintballs. These springs provide optimum tension for positive feeding even at high cyclic rates, while providing balanced power that prevents shell breakage and dimpling.

Players who wish to shoot shaped projectiles, which have different ergonomics and rigidity, are able to easily swap springs (without even needing tools!) in the Helix to utilize springs we have custom-tuned just for shaped projectiles. Look for those springs in our store.

To ensure the highest production quality for our law enforcement, military, and civilian users, Helix magazines are made right here in the USA. Every mag is inspected before it's shipped, and we are proud to see them in action in the photos you share on our Facebook page! The Helix magazines are trusted by the world's elite units and players across the globe.
- Holds 20+ rounds, continuously fed
- No winding - this prevents tangling and jamming of the internal spring
- Disassembly is completely tool-less
- Made in USA


Package Includes:
10 x Helix

HELIX mags come with standard-strength springs engineered for paintballs. Paintball shells are made of gelatin, and when they are exposed to humidity or warm climates, can dimple or change their shapes. This damages their accuracy and reliability…but can be avoided through top-end engineering. HELIX springs are engineered to work specifically with paintballs by exerting the right amount of force for positive feeding even at high cyclic rates, without causing damage to the paint under tension.

Shaped Projectiles are not round like paintballs, and they have harder shells. The geometry of Shaped Projectiles is different from paintballs, and in paintball mags, can cause snags, jams, and create additional friction in the feeding process. Therefore Shaped Projectiles need a stronger spring. If you are shooting Shaped Projectiles you will need to change to a stronger spring that is designed for Shaped Projectiles.

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