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Dual Side RIS Bipod With Quick Detach Lever

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SKU: 09D43-19A21-VBSKPM
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  • $59.95

This quick detachable bipod can be removed or attach easily with a flip of a lever.
Spring-loaded notched bipod legs allow you to quickly deploy the bipod legs at many different lengths. Bipod legs adjust to lengths from 8.5 to 11.0 inches. Spring-loaded steel talons can be deployed onto loose dirt and vegetation for more traction. Push the base of the steel talon to deploy the three steel pins for traction and press the button to retract the talons. The rubber bipod feet also provide traction on hard and smooth surfaces. Aluminum and Steel construction. Come with Keymod and M-Lok Rail kits that allow you to attach both Keymod and M-Lok handguard.

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