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EMF100 MG100 MCS100 ASA Buttstock Adapter

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SKU: 10B43
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Introducing our ASA-threaded adapter, specially designed to directly attach to the EMF100, MG100, and MCS100 body. With this adapter, you can effortlessly connect various buttstocks to your paintball gun, offering a wide range of options for customization and comfort during gameplay. Enjoy the convenience and versatility of this adapter as you tailor your marker to suit your individual preferences and tactical needs. Enhance your paintballing experience with ease using this reliable and efficient ASA-threaded adapter.

This adapter can also be used in conjunction with these kits:

This Adapter Can be Used For the:
- EMF100 Paintball Gun
- MG100 Paintball Gun
- MCS100 Kit https://mcsus.com/products/mcs100-m4-ar15-body-kit

Key Features:
- Made of aircraft aluminum
- Compatible to MCS PDW Buttstock
- Compatible to Solid Remote Adapter for use with a carbine buttstock

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