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Tacamo Shaped Projectile/FS Rounds Bolt

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This upgraded bolt has a tapered front to prevent clipping the fins of the rounds. You can shoot Shaped Projectiles, First Strike Rounds and regular round paintball.
Compatible Markers:
- Tacamo Bolt
- Tacamo Blizzard
- Tacamo Storm
- Tacamo MKV
- Tacamo MK5
- Tacamo Vortex
- Tacamo Tornado

When installing this BOLT, make sure that the FRONT of the
power tube is NOT longer than chamber and is going inside the bridge where SHAPED PROJECTILE are being fed. Remove some material on front of the power tube until it is flushed to the bridge - failure to do so will prevent the SHAPED PROJECTILE to feed consistently. Follow this guide: https://mcsus.com/blogs/quick-guides/bolt-blizzard-vortex-shaped-projectile-and-first-strike-upgrade-guide

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