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Front Line MOLLE Battle Belt

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SKU: 02A41-15D63
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The Front Line Battle Belt is a remarkable fusion of strength and dependability, meticulously crafted from military-grade materials. Engineered to excel in the face of demanding situations, it embodies the essence of tactical prowess.

Constructed with an unyielding focus on durability, the Front Line Battle Belt showcases a design that epitomizes resilience. The inner belt, precision-crafted from high-strength nylon webbing, incorporates a loop face for secure anchoring. This ensures both comfort and security, even in high-intensity operations.

The outer belt seamlessly harmonizes form and function. Engineered for enduring strength, it features dual nylon webbing that speaks to its exceptional robustness. An innovative hook backing elevates versatility, effortlessly connecting with the inner belt. Bid farewell to convoluted setups – the loop and hook interface guarantees swift and unwavering fastening, streamlining your readiness.

Taking versatility to the next level is the laser-cut laminate MOLLE, a thoughtful addition to the design. This enables personalized loadout customization with unmatched precision, establishing a secure platform for attaching MOLLE pouches and vital accessories. From ammunition to tools and communication devices, the Front Line Battle Belt ensures quick and accessible equipment retrieval.

Moreover, the outer belt's user-friendly nature extends further. Swift attachment and removal are facilitated by the loop and hook interface, ensuring that you retain command of your gear even in dynamic situations.

Embrace the zenith of tactical efficiency with the Front Line Battle Belt, where high-strength materials, pioneering design, and adaptability converge. Equip yourself with a gear solution that resonates with your dedication to success, guaranteeing your readiness for any trials that lie ahead.

Key Features:
- Crafted from robust military-grade materials for lasting durability
- Enables swift attachment and removal
- Enhanced with precision laser-cut laminate MOLLE for customizable gear organization

Color Option: Black/OD Green/FDE Tan

Belt Width: 1-3/4"

Inner Belt Length: 37
Outer Belt Length: 38
Waist Size: 27"-35"

Inner Belt Length: 40
Outer Belt Length: 43
Waist Size: 31"-38"

Inner Belt Length: 43
Outer Belt Length: 46
Waist Size: 35"-41"

Inner Belt Length: 47
Outer Belt Length: 48
Waist Size: 39"-45"

Inner Belt Length: 50
Outer Belt Length: 51    
Waist Size: 43"-50"

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