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Fusion Ultralight Handguard KeyMod / M-Lok

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The Fusion Ultralight Handguard KeyMod / M-Lok is a free-float hand-guard, made from 6061 aircraft aluminum. The unique design of this handguard made it super light, the 7" weighs half a pound.  The barrel nut has a hexagon, you don't need an AR wrench to install it. You can use your adjustable wrench or a pliers to lock down the barrel nut. Quick and easy to install.

Rail Length: 7"/10"/12"/15"
Interior Diameter: 1.33" /34mm
Compatible with standard AR Mil-Spec Uppers
Compatible paintball gun without needing an adapter:  468, PTR, T15, M5 CQMF, T16, MCS100

Compatible paintball gun needing adapter:

M17: https://mcsus.com/products/milsig-milspec-barrel-nut-adapter

Tacamo Bolt, Vortex, Tippmann A5, BT Combat: https://mcsus.com/products/barrel-nut-a-5-threaded-milspec-handguard-threads

Tacamo Blizzard: https://mcsus.com/products/tacamo-milspec-barrel-nut-adapter-blizzard-bolt

Tacamo Hurricane, Tippmann X7, Tippmann Phenom: https://mcsus.com/products/hurricane-phenom-milspec-barrel-nut-adapter

Package includes:
1 x Handguard
1 x Barrel nut


shipment received
15" Key 50 M-Lok 50
12 M 35
10 UL K and M 42
10 M 35 10 K 35  5/2
7 K 50 7 M 50 5/4
7 LK 50 7 M 50 12 M 35 5/14

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