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Gas Through Magazine for Tippmann® A5®

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RAP4 is proud to announce a new gas-through magazine for the Tippmann A5 that interfaces with both the Classic and New A5 models. With the look, feel, and dimensions of an M16 magazine, the new A5 Gas Through Magazine looks sharp...and adds extraordinary realism to your marker.

The A5 Gas Through Magazine is engineered into an M16-style magwell that bolts onto the Tippmann A5 marker right in front of the trigger guard, placing the magazine authentically close to the trigger guard for the most realistic look possible. The magazine itself is made of durable polymer for long life and strength in the face of tough scenario paintball...and to be as light as possible while giving sterling service.

You can run your air through the magazine, which obscures the air line connecting the bottomline ASA to the vertical ASA. This further improves the look of your marker, and even gives your support hand a solid place to grip for two-hand shooting while you track moving targets!

To make installation easy, the A5 Gas Through Magazine attaches with just a simple hex key— you can add it to your A5 in minutes, or take it off just as easily when you need to change its look to pattern other military hardware.

The A5 Gas Through Magazine is adaptable to many M4, M16, and even SCAR looks, gives your support hand a good place to hold onto, hides the air line running into your marker...and won’t weigh you down!

*This magazine kit will fit all Tippmann A5 markers.

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