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Gear Duster

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Get Dirt and Dust off your gear quickly before you pack it away for the Day after a hard day of play! The Gear Duster will allow you to use your compressed air tank or CO2 Tank to quickly dust off your gear.  Got paint stuck in those little nooks and crannies on your marker? Use the Gear Duster to remove that stubborn paint without needing to scrub your marker!

Product Specification:
- Compatible with CO2 or HPA
- Flexaible 6 Inch Long Spray Hose
- Easy to use, Thread it on, pull the leaver and clean!
- Great for Cleaning Paint out of Those Hard to Clean Cracks on your Markers
- Great for Dusting off you Tactical Gear and Cloths
- Use to Clean Off your Workbench or Keyboard

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