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Hammerhead Code of Silence kit for Tippmann Tipx Pistol (With 10" Oneshot A5 Barrel)

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SKU: OSHT-BRL-10-11275
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This Code of Silence Barrel kit for Tippmann TiPx Pistol comes with a 10-inch Hammerhead OneShot barrel and a special ops silencer. With the special ops silencer, you can use the full length of the 10-inch barrel since the silencer conceals 3.5 inches of the barrel. Your barrel seems shorter than it appears. This combination is the deadliest setup you can get for your Tippmann TiPx pistol since you fooled your opponents into thinking that you have just a pistol when really you have a rifle-length barrel. This setup gives you the full use of rifle length barrel in a pistol. It doesn't just look good, it is also deadly accurate.

The OneShot Shaped Projectile® Rifled Barrel is made in the USA by HammerHead Paintball. These barrels are made specifically for the Shaped Projectile® to give you the ultimate sniper experience with the most accurate and consistent shots. Each barrel is made with a precision twist rifling design to rotate the projectile more than 20 thousand RPM. This barrel is born after doing test after test to get the right balance of barrel length, bore size, and rifling twist - the result is unsurpassed accuracy. This is the best barrel to shoot Shaped Projectile® / First Strike Rounds. Made with pride in the U.S.A.
Package includes:
1 x 10-Inch Hammerhead Barrel
1 x Special Ops Silencer

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