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Hawkeye Video Recorder Glasses

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RAP4 is proud to introduce a revolutionary product for your action sports lifestyle. The RAP4 Hawkeye Video Recorder Sunglasses are stylish shades that come with a discreet digital video camera built right into the frame. Hit record and instantly capture color video at 30 frames per second with sound, of whatever youre looking at!

The Hawkeye Sunglasses allow you to capture all the fun around your campsite, in the staging area, or at the pro shop. Mix game footage from your T68 Land Warrior video system with behind-the-scenes action captured by the Hawkeye Sunglasses to make the ultimate scenario videos! Then wear the Hawkeye Sunglasses hiking and biking for hands-free videography, so you can capture the exhilaration of ascending steep mountain trails or flying high over creeks. All the while, you'll protect your eyes with the 100% UV-blocking, polarized lenses.

To shoot smooth-looking video, you need at least 24 frames per second...and the Hawkeye Sunglasses go a step better: they deliver 30 frames per second at 3.0 mega pixel resolution with full color and sound! The camera is discreet enough that it won't make your subjects feel put-on-the-spot, and its light enough that after a few moments you don't even notice its there. The whole system, glasses, battery, camera, and all, weighs only 39grams, and there are no cords or wires to worry about. The battery recharges with an included AC adapter, and the video records to a Micro-SD card.

For a limited time, the Hawkeye Sunglasses ship with a complementary 4gb Micro-SD card, to get in the field making videos in no time! Each pair of Hawkeye Sunglasses ships with everything you need, including charger, Micro-SD card, and carrying case.

RAP4 continues to bring innovative products to change your game, improve your training, and complement your action sports lifestyle. RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!

* Polarized Lens
* High Quality Videos
* 100% UV Protection
* Records Audio and Video
* The smallest hidden camera
* Battery and USB Charger included
* Micro Switch controls for easy operation
* Micro SD card slot for memory extension


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