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Helmet Mounting Attachment

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SKU: 04B52-02D83-016441
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These attachment points interface with the mil-spec ARC/ACH rails on your duty-issue or combat-style helmet, to allow you to mount cameras, infrared illuminators, night vision gear, flashlights...even auxiliary safety gear like mandible protection, breathing masks, etc. These Helmet Mounting Accessories provide the interface between your accessories and your helmet, making full use of the customizability engineered into the ARC/ACH rail system. Made of durable ABS polymer, they are impervious to weather, super light, and won't tear up the rails you mount them to!

When you need to mount mission-essential gear to your helmet, there's only one durable, thoroughly modern method you can trust: these RAP4 Helmet Mounting Accessories used with your ARC/ACH rails!

Key Features:

- Interfaces with ARC/ACH rail system
- Rugged ABS polymer
- Lightweight
- Interfaces with wide range of accessories


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