Hurricane Flexi Air Kit

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This amazing upgrade replaces your bottomline ASA with a much better solution: a rear-mounted ASA and an internal air line. With the Internal Air-Through Upgrade Kit, you can attach an HPA or CO2 tank directly to the rear of your marker!

You can also attach your choice of air-through stocks! When you use the  Internal Air-Through Upgrade Kit to run a remote line to the rear of your receiver, as when using a RAP4 air-through stock, you will dramatically decrease your marker’s weight and increase its responsiveness in your hands!

Key Features:
- Lightens your marker
- Enables easy air-thru-stock attachment
- Increases realism
- Easy to install

Packages Includes:
1 x Air Pipe
1 x End Cap Air Source Adapter

Compatible Markers:
- Tacamo Hurricane
- Tacamo MKP
- Tippmann Phenom


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