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Integrated Training Helmet (Tan) Clearance Item

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SKU: 11E73-011599
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The RAP4 Integrated Training Helmet is perfect for scenario games! The durability and realism this helmet offers makes a it great choice. Also, this helmet provides protection to paintball players in their paintball or airsoft game. This helmets thick padding keeps it firm while providing maximum head protection. The chin and head straps are adjustable to keep the helmet from sliding out of place while the ear arches are cut to leave room for communication devices such as powered ear protection or radio headsets. Attached at the front of the helmet with three screws is the (NVG) Clearance Item Metal Mount made for Night Vision Goggles. Velcro patches are also included for preferred custom patch attachment. This helmet has numerous advantages and will definitely give the players the Special Forces look while providing ultimate protection.

Key Features:
- Made of ABS plastic
- Chin/head straps
- Lightweight
- Thick padding for comfort
- 7 Fully Removable and adjustable inner lining /padding
- (NVG) Clearance Item Metal Mount for Night Vision Goggle attachment
- For use in Paintball/ Air Soft Only
- Comes in various colors
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