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Large Stores and Fields Compressor Package

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SKU: 004189
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  • $24,000.00

This package comes with everything that large stores or fields need to refill high pressure cylinders that includes 2 push button fill station. The push button fill station is the simplest method of filling, allowing even the slowest customer to fill their own cylinder safely.

This package allows for simultaneous refilling of both 3000 and 4500. Fill station is to be table mounted and is intended for use by employees or customers.

This Package includes:
- 1 x 8.4 cfm 5000 psi Bauer IDV120II compressor
- 4 x 4500 psi storage cylinders
- 1 x interconnecting hoses & hardware for connection
- 2 x regulators (3000 & 4500), and two push button fill stations (1 @ 3000 psi &
1 @ 4500 psi)

Compressor has the following drive options: 8.0 hp Honda gasoline engine, 6.0 hp Yanmar diesel engine, 230 VAC single phase, and 230/460 VAC three phase.

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