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Loctite Threadlocker (Red - Permanent)

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SKU: 05C43-004103
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209741 THREADLOCKER 6ML Loctite, 6 ml, Threadlocker Red 271, For The Permanent Locking & Sealing Of Threaded Fasteners, Product Cures When Confined In The Absence Of Air Between Close Fitting Metal Surfaces, Protects Threads From Rust & Corrosion & Prevents Loosening From Shock & Vibration, Only Removable Once Cured By Heating Up Parts To 500 Degrees Fahrenheit Or 260 Degrees Celsius.
Item Length: 3.81
Item Width: 6.50
Item Height: 0.68
Item Weight: 0.04
Package Length: 4.38
Package Width: 7.48
Package Height: 0.78
Package Weight: 0.05
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