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OPS Suppressor Kit For Tippmann Tipx Pistol (With 14" Lion Claw A5 Barrel)

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SKU: 09C31-14LC-20804
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Tippmann Tipx Pistol OPS Suppressor Kit comes with a 14-inch Lion Claw Barrel and an  OPS Silencer. With the OPS Silencer you can use the full length of the 14-inch barrel because the silencer conceals 7 inches of the barrel. Since your barrel seems shorter than it appears, this combination is the deadliest setup you can get for your Tippmann TIPX pistol. You've fooled your opponents into thinking you have a rifle, even though you have just a pistol. This setup gives you the full use of rifle length barrel in a pistol. It doesn't just look good, it also has improved range and accuracy as well.

 Package includes:
1 x 14-Inch Lion Claw Barrel
1 x OPS Suppressor

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