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.68 Cal Peppershot PAVA Max Payload Live Agent Less Lethal Rounds (10X Hot) Bottle of 100

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Shoot less, while incapacitating more suspects--more effectively--with the all-new Peppershot PAVA Max Payload Less Lethal Live Round. Each Peppershot PAVA Max Payload Less Lethal Live Round delivers ten times the hot pepper-based irritant powder as our industry-leading Less Lethal Live Round. These maximum-charged rounds are recommended for situations that require the strongest level of irritant.

This is .68 Caliber Size pepper filled balls

**Live Rounds are PROHIBITED in California, Delaware, Minnesota, Washington DC and Wisconsin to civilians.**

**In New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts, Civilians must purchase through an authorized dealer.**

**Law enforcement, Correctional, Security and Military agencies please contact sales for purchasing information.**

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