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PRI Delta Carbon Fiber 12.5 Inch Handguard

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PRI Delta Carbon Fiber Handguard is constructed of light weight high strength carbon fiber for the best possible combination of weight and strength. This PRI Delta Carbon Fiber Handguard is for SPR (Special Purpose Rifle) the SPR, used by Special Operations Forces of both the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy, is a heavily modified light sniper/designated marksman variation of the AR-15/M16 line of infantry weapons, and is chambered for NATO standard 5.56x45mm ammunition.

Package include:

1 x PRI Round Rail
1 x barrel nut
4 x rails
1 x metal pin
8 x screws

Light weight Polymer composite handguard
Adjustable Pictanny rails
Classic SPR look and feel
Fully licensed by PRI
Classic Free Float Rail
This product is licensed and manufactured by MadBull for RAP4 specification for Modern Combat Sports use only

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