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Quick Flip Red/Green Scope (Clearance Item)

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This dynamic sight is specifically designed for the rigors of rough tactical use and engineered to give you an unprecedented advantage: The RAP4 Quick Flip Optic flips ninety degrees to the left, allowing you to use it as an offset sight as well as in the traditional position. This unique feature also allows you to use other sights along the top RIS rail on your marker, with the RAP4 Quick Flip Optic deployed as an offset sight. With standard sights and your RAP4 Quick Flip Optic in this configuration, you may have sights dialed in for different ranges, or one for the marker and one for a RAP4 grenade launcher mounted under the barrel.

The RAP4 Quick Flip Optic is also very convenient when used as an offset sight for players whose goggles get in the way of the stock when using traditional sights.

The display is a reddish chevron that draws your attention right to where your shot is going downrange. With adjustable brightness, you can use it at night or in broad daylight. The rear objective is large enough to see all of your target, but the sight is narrow enough to be unobtrusive and very light. With only one mounting point on your RIS rail to which it clamps like talons the sight's integral base doesn't occupy very much of your tactical rail.

Key Features Include:
- Sight Flips 90 Degrees Sideways
- Reddish Chevron Reticle
- Sturdy All-Weather Construction
- Lightweight, Compact Metal Body

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