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RAS Magazine Expansion Chamber for Classic A5

SKU: 31B42-012612
UPC: 844596030474
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Your Tippmann A5 already bares a strong resemblance to H&K MP5 carbines, so you can easily play to that authentic look with this hot new expansion chamber disguised as an MP5 magazine! The faux mag conceals a real four-stage expansion chamber that helps stabilize input pressures from your CO2 tank to improve accuracy and reliability—even with long strings shot on cold days!

*This magazine kit will fit Tippmann A5 markers that were sold until 2011

Key Features Include:
- Real MP5 magazine size, styling, and design
- Includes 4-stage expansion chamber
- Helps stabilize velocity for improved accuracy
- Durable construction for long service life
- Can interface with bottomline ASA or remote line!

Note: This item will only fit Tippmann A-5 purchased before 2011.
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