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Reusable M80 Landmine

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The new reusable M80 Landmine is specifically created for a military training agency, and now available to you, the M80 Landmine is the latest in special gear for scenario players and tactical training. The new M80 Landmine is pressure activated, discharges a variety of harmless payloads, and is durable for years of use in harsh environments! Take paintball to the next level of realism, fun, and tactical excitement with this mine. The reusable M80 Landmine is powered by a rechargeable CO2 reservoir that disperses more than 2oz of smoke-simulation powder or liquid paint, creating a devastating twenty-foot blast radius. It's completely safe and rule-compliant for use in the sport of paintball!

The RAP4 reusable M80 Landmine is great for paintball and ideal for military combat training. The mine is light and compact, and it can easily be concealed for an effective booby trap, making it an ideal training tool. As an antipersonnel training device, they can be used with smoke-simulation powder to leave a noticeable residue and dramatic cloud, or liquid paint for a distinguishing mark. The mine will "detonate" with 10lbs of pressure, and will produce a loud report! It may be used on its side or vertically, buried with the top exposed or incorporated into a wide variety of realistic booby trap setups. Place M80 Landmines in wood piles, behind doors, with sticks across the top to increase the surface area that triggers the charge be as creative as the OpFor when you train personnel in mine detection and avoidance. And with the M80 Landmine, you can really surprise your opponents in paintball!


The RAP4 Reusable M80 Landmine can be recharged with any size CO2 cylinder or High Pressure Air (HPA) paintball tank by using a Charger Adapter. With the RAP4 CO2 Cylinder Adapter, you can even charge the mine from disposable 12gram cartridges! No matter your marker's air source, the same tank that powers it can be used to quickly and safely charge the M80 Landmine. Your M80 landmine is immediately ready for use and is compatible with all air tanks and compress air cylinders. You can use these landmines with the cylinder your already own.

Two more benefits of playing and training with RAP4's reusable M80 Landmine: they are a fraction of the cost of other simulated landmines, and since its power source is rechargeable, it costs only pennies per use.

A military agency approached us about creating a realistic, yet safe, training device to use in maneuvers. Due to their budget constraints and needs in the field, the agency needed a training landmine that is reusable and does not require additional purchases for ongoing operation. Now the RAP4 reusable M80 Landmine fulfills those needs for many agencies looking for an alternative, cost-effect training solution that respects their budget...and now you can purchase them, too.

You will need a charger to charge the mine, it is not ncluded in this package.

Key Features:
- Completely Reusable
- Works with Powder or Paint
- Compatible with CO2, N2, or Compressed Air
- Light and Compact
- Rugged and Durable design
- 15 Feet Blast Radius

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