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M249 SAW Buttstock For Tippmann 98 - Tacamo Bolt and Blizzard

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SKU: 05B13-02C73-003848
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This replica of the SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) Butttock is made especially for the Tippmann 98, and TACAMO 98 Variant Paintball markers. It is constructed of the same material as the real SAW Buttstock! Turn your Tippmann 98 or TACAMO marker into a real warfighter!

Compatible Markers:
- Tacamo Bolt
- Tacamo Blizzard
- Tacamo Storm
- Tacamo MKV
- Tippmann 98
- BT Combat
- BT Iron Horse
- BT Omega
- BT Delta
- Valken SW1
- Valken Black Hawk
- U.S Army Alpha Black
- U.S Army Project Salvo
- U.S Carver One
- Sierra One
- Bravo one

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