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Single Point Sling

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SKU: 09C51-18D53-012409
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This single point CQB sling is the best paintball gun sling ever made. It is the most versatile sling available. This sling is made out with military grade material and extremely rugged, durable and is the strongest sling in the market - it can hold more than 50lbs of stress. The sling is designed to help reduce your marker weight for quick rapid deploy operations.

Key features:
- Hands free control
- FAST! from resting position to firing, instantly
- For right or left-handed
- Single Mount
- Narrow coated webbing for extra durability
- Comfortable
- Compatible with Tippmann 98, A5, X7, Alpha Black, Spyder, Ion, Smart Parts, Dye, BT, Ariakon, Armotech, Miltec, T68 and all other paintball gun and markers

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