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Solid Remote Adapter With AR15/M4 OverMolded Mil-Spec Buffer Carbine Buttstock (Universal)

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This air option comes with a Solid Remote Line Adaptor and Buttstock. You will need a remote line to attach your marker to an air tank.  Compatible with all markers such as 468, T15, TMC, Milsig, Maxtact, RAP4, Tacamo, Valken M17, CQMF, Milsig M17, M5.  Made of aluminum.

Key Features:
- 5 adjustable positions
- Air through remote 
- Universal adapter - compatible to all  markers with rear air

OverMolded Collapsible Gun Buttstock for Mil-Spec Buffer Tubes is ergonomically designed to create an anti-rattle friction fit that eliminates unwanted movement along your buffer tube. Improve your accuracy and comfortably shoulder your rifle. rubber The cheek rest as well as a snag-free rubber/polymer hybrid butt pad.

• Precision fit for military specification buffer tubes (diameter = 1.15" / length = 7.25")
• Material: OverMolded rubber / reinforced polymer
High quality. Made in the USA, with firearms-grade material

• Light-weight skeletonized reinforced polymer construction
• Anti-rattle and beard-safe design
• Collapses to user's preferred shoulder position
• Polymer cap provides snag-free shouldering
• Rubber/polymer hybrid butt pad cushions recoil
• Multiple quick detachable sling mounting positions

Fits on MILSPEC buffer tubes.

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