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TACAMO AK47 Krinkov Barrel Kit (Type 68)

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SKU: 03C11-013177
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  • $99.00

The TACAMO AK47 Krinkov  Barrel Kit Assembly is made with the same precision quality wooden barrel system with as our AK47 barrel kits. Rock solid handguard, mounting hardware that makes sense, and as always, our screw on muzzle brake. A rock solid piece of MILSIM hardware.

Key Features:
 - Krinkov Handguard Kit
 - 11 inch Barrel with Muzzle (12 inch over all)
 - Easy Installation

Compatible with all TACAMO AK47 Markers including below:

TACAMO Type 68 I with Under Folding ButtstockWood Buttstock
TACAMO Type 68 II with Polymer Side Folding Buttstock
TACAMO Type 68 III with Side Folding Buttstock

TACAMO Matador I with Under Folding Buttstock
TACAMO Matador III with Side Folding Buttstock

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