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Tacamo Arc Dual Feed Port Hopper/Loader (no batteries 11bps)

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The ALL NEW & Improved

Revolutionary 200 Round Gravity fed hopper from

Tacamo Paintball

This is the NEW and IMPROVED version of this revolutionary hopper! People talked and they were heard.

A lot of time was spent on getting the design and engineering perfect for this Revolutionary New Hopper Design! This hopper can feed up to 11.6 BPS (Balls Per Second)! That is much faster that some agitated hoppers that only feed 8 BPS. Only this hopper has no moving parts! That is right! No batteries to go dead. No electronics to go bad. No motor to burn out. No noise! And that is not all. This hopper also holds a lot more paintballs than the agitated hoppers, This hopper holds over 200 rounds most agitated hoppers only hold 140 rounds to 180 rounds. It even holds more than the VL200!

This hopper works with dual feed ramps (see how it works below) inside the hopper allowing the paintballs to feed into your marker without any down-pressure from the paintballs above, this also doubles (more like triples) the "catch area" (how much area that there is for a paintball to be fed into your gun).

Another problem with regular hoppers when used with blow-back style markers is that the paintballs in the feed-neck are pushed back up into the hopper from the blast of air that is shot up the feed neck with every shot. This new design blocks the paintballs from leaving the feed-neck and therefore leaving a gap between the paintballs as they try to feed into your gun. This new design greatly increases the reliable feed rate of this hopper to extreme levels!

- With no noise of a motor running all of the time you can set up a true ambush and really surprise your enemy.

- This hopper is also a LOT lighter than an agitated hopper because you don't have all the extra weight of the batteries, motor, and electronics. All of that stuff also takes away from the amount of paintballs it can hold.

- This hopper will fit any standard paintball marker. These hoppers really work! Give one a try. It will be the best investment you have made!

- Only this hopper has no moving parts!

- A lot of time was spent on getting the design and engineering perfect for this Revolutionary New Hopper Design!

- Improved lid design! Even if you already have an agitated hopper get one of these as a backup. Because when the batteries die the hopper also dies.

- This is by far the BEST Bang-for-your-Buck hopper on the market!

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