TACAMO Vortex K416 Barrel Kit

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Compatible with the Tippmann A5, and TACAMO MK5.
The complete K416 Kit includes the K416 Barrel Kit with barrel and birdcage-style flash hider, the Sight Cover Rail, an M4-style faux magazine, the K416 Front and Rear Sights, and a multi-position collapsible stock.
The complete body kit adds five mil-spec accessory rails, including two along the very top. Mount your choice of any accessory with a standard mil-spec attachment point—bipods and tactical grips, flashlights and lasers, even paintball grenade launchers! The elevated sight rail and K416 Sights are raised up high enough to use while wearing your goggles and nestling that collapsible M4-style stock tight against your shoulder. With its stability, the quality of the K416 Barrel Kit’s barrel, and your careful aim, your first shot will hit dead-on.
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