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TACAMO Blizzard K416 Hand Guard Adapter

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SKU: 08D62-015281
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TACAMO K416 Handguard Adapter for the TACAMO Blizzard is also compatible with the Tippmann® 98® and allows you to convert your existing TACAMO K416 Barrel Kit or Handguard to fit on any Blizzard or Tippmann 98 ( 98 Custom, 98 Pro or 98 Platinum).

Any of these TACAMO K416 Barrel Kit works with this kit.

 - TACAMO K416 Barrel Kit for Tippmann® X7® (Requires different Insert)
 - TACAMO K416 Barrel Kit for Tippmann® 98®
 - TACAMO K416 Barrel Kit for BT Paintball Gun

Note:  If you have a TACAMO K416 Barrel Kit for Tippmann® A5®, you also need a different Handguard Front and Rear Insert.

TACAMO K416 Handguard Front Insert
TACAMO K416 Handguard Rear Insert

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