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TACAMO ThunderBolt Troy

UPC: 844596025548
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  • $549.00

The TACAMO ThunderBolt Troy Marker is ultimate All-in-One marker with the ability to fire Paintballs, FS Rounds and Shaped Projectiles. The ThunderBolt Troy Marker comes standard with the modern 7 slot KeyMod hand guard for most versatile design of its kind. Additionally, the ThunderBolt Troy Marker also comes standard with the coveted angle drop down ASA to let you make better use of your sight with a clear field of view.

Package comes with:
1 x TACAMO ThunderBolt Troy Marker
1 x HELIX Magazine for shooting regular round paintball
1 x DMAG Magazine FS Round  and Shaped Projectile Ready

Key features:
- Quick and easy maintenance
- Improve handling, balance, natural point of aim
- FS Round and Shaped Projectile Ready
- Powered by Compressed Air or CO2
- Lok-Bolt Anti-chop unit Upgrade-able
- Standard Tippmann A-5 barrel threads are widely compatible
- Compatible with the most widely used paintball magazines: DMAG and Helix
- Full-length Picatinny top rail and half-length dovetail rail
- Gets you on the field fast and doesn't break the bank!
- 2 Year Warranty
- Made in U.S.A.

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