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Tactical Modular Precision Sniper Buttstock

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SKU: VG011
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  • $129.95

Crafted to deliver the nuanced and personalized sensation of a precision target stock, this design embodies the utmost in durability through its polymer composite construction. Essential components of a precision stock, such as an integrated cheek rest and adaptable length of pull, are seamlessly integrated. Enjoy the convenience of adjusting both the cheek riser height and length of pull to your preference.

For impeccable accuracy, a rubber butt-pad ensures a secure shoulder grip, effectively preventing slippage. The integrated cheek rest boasts an adjustable range for vertical movement, offering a 1.79” span, while its backward adjustment extends up to 1.59”. The length of pull can be fine-tuned within a range of 1.59”, and the pad itself can be adjusted vertically by 1.38”.

Dimensions stand at 8.11” in length, 2.99” in width, and 5.23” in height, with a weight of 25.78 ounces.

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