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Tactical RIS Handguard (7 inches)

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Tactical RIS (Rail Interface System) Handguard (7 inches). Aluminum alloy construction. Mount accessories such as lights, lasers, foregrips, bi-pods, grenade launchers and much more with this railed handguard.

Tactical RIS Hand Guard has a universal design - it can be attached to any paintball marker or rifle. To install you just have to select the correct barrel nut adapter.  Use the following guide when you order the Tactical RIS Hand Guard.

Use the following guide to the the correction barrel nut with Tactical RIS Hand Guard.
- Select 7/8 barrel adapter for barrel with 7/8 diameter base (Example is A5 Stock Barrel)
- Select 1 Inch barrel adapter for barrel with 1 diameter base (Example is Tippmann 98 Stock Barrel)
- Select 1 1/8 Inch barrel adapter for barrel with 1 1/8 diameter base (Example is Alpha Black Stock Barrel)
- Select TMC barrel adapter for Tippmann TMC (This barrel adapter will only work on Tippmann TMC)
- Select Milspec barrel adapter  (Example is 468 and marker with Milspec barrel nut)
*To make the barrel free floating, front caps are longer being being used. You can get  the cap separately as needed.

Tippmann installation video https://mcsus.com/blogs/tech-videos/tacamo-tippmann-ris-handguard-walk-through

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