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Tagiin Marking Grenade Projectile (3 units)

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SKU: MK-TAG-21271
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  • $24.00

The TAGinn™ line of training and airsoft projectiles offers an amazing simulation system that takes training, airsoft, and paintball to the next level. This round, which is easily distinguished by it's bright blue color. This is the marking round - upon impact, the round bursts open throwing a bright orange powder all over the target area. This  a non-pyrotechnic product which makes it easy to ship and safe to use in areas that may not allow pyrotechnics.

This does not mean that there are not safety concerns with these rounds. It is NOT meant to be fired at training operators, players, animals, or other live targets. Firing at a human being or animal could cause injury. This is a marking round that is meant to directly impact a hard surface such as a building, vehicle, or other hard target. In fact, this rounds will not even burst if it strikes a soft target such as a person. This round needs a minimum of 75 feet to guarantee a successful impact on target.

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