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Target Ball Tactical Training Vest (Clearance Item)

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The Target Ball Vest is designed to work with Target Ball Systems, where paintball markers are used to shoot soft balls made of the loop side of velcro onto this Target Ball vest mad of the hook side of velcro. This system is designed to aid Law Enforcement agencies with their training, and provide a clean alternative to messy paintballs.

The Target Ball and Vest is designed for agencies that need to cut their budget down to the bare minimal and still able to do force-on-force training without hindrance.

The Target Ball and Target Ball vest allow Law Enforcement agencies to train like never before. The system is completely reusable—agencies don't need to buy additional supplies. Buy the gear, lock, load and train!

The target balls stick on the vest, showing exactly the point of impact without the mess! With this system, training scenarios can be conducted at any location—office buildings, warehouses, even schools. Many agencies can now use their local schools, city hall and real live settings for the most realistic training scenarios!


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