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Cam Lever Lock Free Floating TCA Universal PCP 88g and 90g Carbine Buttstock

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New toolless cam lever locks to adjust your buttstock.

If you want to use 88g or 90g  disposable cylinder, this buttstock is exactly what you need. The TCA (Tactical Compact Air) Universal 88g and 90g Carbine Buttstock is versatile to work with any air gun build. It features a low profile adjustment to secure the stock comfortably to your shooting position. 

The lightweight construction will ensure that your rifle stays agile and the stock’s ergonomics will augment comfort and efficiency while shooting.

Compatible With:
PCP Airforce Airgun
Airsoft Air Gun
Any paintball gun
Sig Sauer MXS Air Gun
Any 1.38 inch (36mm) diameter tank

Why use 88g cylinder?
The 88g or 90g disposable co2 cylinders are easily accessible, you can get them at sporting goods shop or at Walmart.  If you can't fill your own tank or don't have access to a refill location, these tanks are the best option.



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