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Custom Tippmann Stormer Swordfish Paintball Gun

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  • $399.00

Tippmann Swordfish Stormer Paintball Gun comes ready to play!

This is a custom gun order
Package Includes:
1 x Tippmann Stormer
2 x 20 rounds magazine
1 x Rail https://mcsus.com/products/mcs-swordfish-rail-system
1 x Scope https://mcsus.com/products/blade-red-dot-sight
1 x Nightstrike grip: https://mcsus.com/products/diamondback-angled-foregrip


  • High-impact composite body
  • Internal gas line
  • Multiple Picatinny rails
  • Vertical Grip
  • Front and rear fixed sights
  • Proven, in-line bolt design
  • High-performance barrel
  • Bottom mounted ASA
  • Single Trigger
  • Offset Freeport
  • Includes Tactical Front Shroud, Front and Rear Flip Up Sights, 6 Position Collapsible Stock, Dummy Magazine, 2 x Paintball Magazines and Loader to Magazine conversion parts

     This is a custom gun order

Technical Info:
Model        Tippmann Stormer
Caliber       .68
Action        SEMI Automatic
Power        CO2 or HPA
Magazine Capacity      150+
CO2 Capacity      250+ shots per (standard) 9 oz. cylinder
Cycle Rate  15+BPS
Standard Barrel Length        8.5"
Weight (without tank) 3.5 lbs
Effective Range  150+ ft.

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