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10 Inches Barrel and Silencer Kit For Tippmann Tipx Pistol

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  • $79.00

Tippmann Tipx Pistol 10 Inches Barrel and Silencer Kit comes with 10 Inches Barrel and  a special ops silencer. With the special ops silencer you can use the full length 10 inches barrel since the silencer conceal 3.5 inches of the barrel. Your barrel seems shorter than it appears. This combination is the most deadliest setup you can get for your Tappmann TIPX pistol since you fooled your opponents that you have just a pistol, but this setup give you the full use of rifle length barrel in a pistol. It is not just look good, but it is also improve range and accuracy as well.


Package includes:
1 x 10 Inches Barrel
1 x Special Ops Silencer