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Tippmann TMC Paintball Gun Anti Chop Lok Bolt (TM)

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Experience a new level of confidence in your paintball gameplay with the Lok Bolt(TM) - a revolutionary design that virtually eliminates chopping on your paintball gun. With its patented mechanism, the Lok Bolt(TM) ensures the bolt is locked out from firing unless a round is fully chambered, effectively preventing chops and the associated mess.

Crafted with high-quality injection molding material, the Gen2 Lok Bolt(TM) guarantees durability and resilience, preventing any breaking or cracking issues.

Enjoy the advantage of using the Lok Bolt(TM) with all versions .68 caliber Tippmann TMC.

The benefits of Lok Bolt(TM) are numerous:
- Eliminate chops, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted shooting.
- No more mess from paintball chopping, keeping your marker clean and efficient.
- Perfectly paired with a box magazine for seamless performance.
- Reduce air consumption during dry firing, optimizing your air efficiency.
- Stay stealthy on the field - no giveaway sound of an empty gun firing, keeping opponents unaware of your ammo status.

Choose the Lok Bolt(TM) for your paintball gun and elevate your gameplay with unparalleled reliability and performance. Say goodbye to chops and embrace the advantage of this innovative design for a truly enjoyable paintballing experience.

The patented design of the Lok Bolt (TM) virtually eliminates chopping on your paintball gun.


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